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“Mizz Jennifer Rose requests

the pleasure of your company
at her annual
International Women’s Day tea party
Feel free to bring a bit of women’s culture–
an heirloom, a story, a heroine

White gloves optional

March 11, 2012

2.00 pm – 5 pm”

Jennifer Rose’s annual tea party was held at her Waltham home on March 11, 2011. The evite included more than 200 women – out of which an amazing number showed up to mark International Women’s day locally. The Waltham Committee was represented by member Rajashree Ghosh who was very happy to have received the invitation. She had reached out to Jennifer some years ago in the hopes of making connections with the local community. Jennifer is a passionate Walthamite. Her work as a city planner entails marketing, promotion, organizational and technical expertise to downtowns and small businesses. What is more, she is a wonderful communicator, an activist and a poet and no wonder that she draws such a crowd!

Jennifer has been instrumental in developing the Waltham Concerned Citizens  – an organization which has been the voice for peace and justice and which also gave birth to several other community initiatives such as the Waltham Alliance To Create Housing, the farmers market to revitalize local produce and create a gathering place. Click here for a write up to learn more about her work.

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Local women from all walks of life attended the tea party bringing with them not just their symbolic heirloom but as they introduced themselves they expressed their connection to Waltham and to Jennifer’s efforts. Some women present had attended all the 30 annual tea parties that Jennifer had organized so there was a lot of camaraderie and the unspoken yet overt sense of belonging and togetherness. Women who were musicians, film makers, artists, city planners, writers, editors, community activists, lawyers, business owners came together to mark a day to celebrate themselves, their achievements, remember those that passed on and extended support to those that need a leaning shoulder. A wonderful local resource that keeps on going and giving.


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