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Sonja Wadman

Sonja Wadman, an environmentalist and Program Director at the Waltham Land Trust  met with the members of the Waltham Committee at the WSRC.  Committee member Rajashree Ghosh met Sonja at the Waltham Day celebrations and invited her to the Center so we could learn from her more about her work.

Sonja informed us that the Land Trust comprises residents of Waltham whose mission is to acquire, preserve or restore land. It has worked closely with the city administration to acquire and protect 115 acres of open space, promoted conservation on 335 acres and intervened development efforts on 200 acres.

In addition the Land Trust also plans educational, recreational and social events that include trail clean ups, lectures, walks etc.

Bittersweet vines that have been pulled and twisted

At the time of our meeting Sonja introduced the Committee members to an invasive Oriental creeper called Bittersweet. This creeper flourishes and suffocates local foliage. Sonja is leading a campaign to “pull and twist” the vines and tie up into concentric circles that will go into building a nature viewing blind. The nature blind,  will screen Western Greenway Trail walkers and others who enjoy this peaceful spot in the woods. This will be installed in the trails in Shady Pond area. Some of the Committee members were thrilled to participate in this activity.

With our interests peaked we learned from Sonja organizes walks that not only provide opportunity to educate about the environment but also about activists who contributed in their own ways in protecting the open spaces in Waltham.

With that in mind we hope to organize a walk in Waltham that will open our eyes to the local resources – human and environmental. The Waltham Committee members are thankful to Sonja for presenting the work of the Waltham Land Trust, and we hope we are able to partner with them in the near future.


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