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The Committee organized a “Walk through Waltham” to familiarize ourselves with issues related to women in Waltham through the decades. The plan for this even began to take shape in Sally Collura’s store, “The Tea Leaf” on Moody Street, Waltham. As the City Councilor at Large, Sally has vast knowledge and lived experience of the city that Committee members Nurit and Rajashree decided to tap into. Following several interactions with Rajashree, it was decided that Sally would be our guide. Who better than her as an eminent “Walthamite” to guide us in our endeavor!

The tour was open to all Scholars at WSRC and to members of the Brandeis community. Our committee members were joined by our Director Shula Reinharz, our fellow Scholars Pnina Abir Am, Mary Berg, Susan Eisenberg, Janet Freedman, Lois Isenman, Louise Lopman and Ruth Nemzoff. Audra Grady who is the Program Administrator for Experiential Learning also joined us.   Our guide Sally connected us with several charismatic and dedicated local activists who shared their knowledge about the town, governance, and working conditions of women in Waltham down the ages. It was an opportunity to connect with women from the community who are in the local government, managing the landmarks that form physical reminders of the past and connect with the present.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Sally Collura who led us in our endeavor to learn more about the contributions of women through the 1800s till present in making Waltham a verdant community. Only a true “Walthamite”, like Sally could have enthused us in discovering Waltham in ways that we had not anticipated!

Our sincere thanks go out to officials at The Gore Place, Waltham Museum, and Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.

And we wish to acknowledge our Director Shula for her support in making connections with the community of which Brandeis is a part and for accommodating this tour in her very packed schedule.

This event was featured in Boston.com

Click here to view photos of the event.


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The Newsletter

We are launching this Newsletter as a source of information for Scholars, students and community activists. Through this we introduce  initiatives in community engagement by the Waltham Committee at Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. The goal of the Newsletter is to provide enhanced opportunities for collaborations between the academics and local non-profits in Waltham. We welcome your proposals and ideas and we have dedicated a space in the Newsletter for your comments . Visit the page on our members, their current interests and projects to learn more.

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From L-R (standing) Nurit Eini-Pindyck, Susan Thomson and Victoria Wang; (sitting) Jennifer Coplon, Elizabeth Markson and Rajashree Ghosh


 As Scholars of WSRC and members of the Waltham Committee our current and revised guidelines are:

Connect WSRC with the Waltham community through outreach with local non profits, government, individual philanthropists
Advance partnerships with the local community to promote gender equity, equitable lifestyles, rights and duties
Develop programs such as workshops, talks, performances, book readings in collaboration with community to address issues of immediate concern
Increase participation of local community members in WSRC events that represent research, art, and activism
Continue to connect with Brandeis University Waltham-based efforts such as experiential learning
Involve WSRC Scholars in community based activities

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